Tesco is a multi-billion pound company and is one of the most well known supermarkets in the UK. RSR was approached based on the success of a previous successful project, of similar size and scope.

RSR needed to design and install the electrical elements necessary to get a tower operational for garment storage being brought in from another site and had to work to a fixed handover date.

RSR worked around a number of co-ordination difficulties that arose due to the number of services on site and restricted height issues. These issues were avoided by excellent project management and technical support.

Location Size : 260,000ft²
Building Type: 4 Floor Mezz Tower

Scope of works

Design, Supply and Installation of the following:

  • Mains distribution

  • 400amp 6way MCCB panel board to feed the new tower

  • Sub-Main Cabling and alterations to the client’s existing panel board

  • Digital Metering upgrade

  • Split Metered Distribution Boards on each level to supply power & lighting

  • Busbar system to feed lighting aisles and circulation areas

  • LED lighting installation c/w sensor controls & emergency key switching

  • Containment infrastructure for ELV / LV cabling

  • Power for managers & charging stations

  • Mechanical Conveyance control panel supplies