Choose your move champions!

About a year before you are planning to move, you should ensure you have chosen a couple of members of your team to go through any key requirements for moving and assign each of them different responsibilities so that one person isn't responsible for everything. Like moving house, moving offices can be stressful so you need to make sure you are getting the right team together to do the job!

In order to choose an ultimate team you need to look for the following attributes within your staff:

They need to be great at motivating others, some staff are afraid of change so your team needs to be able to show that moving offices will be a positive step forward for your business.

Your team will need to be good at communication, all steps will need to be approved by management and also other staff will need to know what's happening and be kept in the loop!

They will need to be good at managing money as moving offices can be expensive and the last thing you want is to go over budget when it could have been avoided.

Your team will also need to be organised and great at multitasking as they will still need to do their normal role on top of being a move champion!

The roles you will need to fill within your Move Champion team will be different for every office move but the main roles are:

Communications (internal/external). Will have responsibilities such as keeping stakeholders, general staff, suppliers and contractors such as maintenance and cleaners all up to date.

Budget management. Will have responsibilities such as setting and maintaining the budget. Ensuring everything that the office move will require is taken into consideration and all costs are approved by Management and Finance teams.

Office Infrastructure. Will have responsibilities such as internal office design and planning as well as external requirements such as signage, parking and ease of travel for all staff (ensure public transport is available local to the office location).

Legal affairs. Will have responsibilities such as overseeing the property lease contract or purchase. Adherence to health & safety regulations of all site works. Managing the employee and employer rights and obligations.

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Our Work


At their new headquarters building in Reading, Huawei required the stripping out of the existing lighting and control systems in the premises. In their place would be an installation of a new high output, intelligent lighting and power system which would be very cost effective when it came to future layout changes.

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Golden Tree

RSR was tasked with the lighting redesign and electrical refurbishment of the first floor of their London premises, 33 Davis Street. Using the highest quality feature lighting in the reception, Broker's cafe, boardrooms and breakout areas, RSR were able to accentuate the distinctive style of the offices architecture.

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Market Access

When MarketAxess called for RSR to refurbish their 10th floor central London offices, they specified a need that revolved around the contemporary use of bright lights. The lights used accentuated the clean cut space of the offices design and layout. RSR worked on a range of areas to bring the clients brief to life including the front-of-house feature reception areas, right through to the technical plant rooms and risers.

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